Town of Bassendean

The Town of Bassendean Waste and Recycling Guide provides you with valuable information on reducing, re-using, recycling and recovering your waste, to assist in achieving a sustainable future for Perth's Eastern Region.

Additional information can also be found on the Town of Bassendean website, under Waste and Recycling Services.

For information specific to your address, including bin collection days and verge collection dates please follow this link: Find My Bin Day

For more information consult the current Waste and Recycle Guide, and see the links below.

Waste & Recycling Guide

A-Z of waste

Asbestos disposal

Battery recycling

Bin services

Bin service day (by map)
Holiday bin services
Recycling week calendar
Stolen or damaged bins
Using your bins correctly

Disposal sites and tip passes

Electronic waste (e-waste)

Fluorescent light recycling

Home composting

Household Hazardous Waste disposal

Litter & illegal dumping

Refrigerator/freezer collection service

Verge collections

Contact numbers