Litter and illegal dumping


Litter is anything that is left where it is not meant to be, it is unsightly and can be dangerous. It can cause injury to people and wildlife. It encourages pest animals such as rats, mice and seagulls, as well as the spread of germs and disease.

We can all do our bit to prevent litter: use public rubbish bins, take along your own bag to places without bins and stash your trash to take home (often that means we can recycle, too!)

For more information on litter prevention and community programs, visit the Keep Australia Beautiful Council website.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is a particular type of littering where people go out of their way to dump their rubbish on land without approval.

It includes bags of rubbish and unwanted items in local streets, in parks, outside charity bins or in building site bins, on vacant land or in the bush.

It also includes situations where people deliberately fill up trailers and trucks with all sorts of materials and dump them in an area where they think they will not be seen, such as National Parks, bushland reserves, parks, industrial and building sites.

What's wrong with illegal dumping?

Illegal dumping:

• Reduces property values;
• Increases risk of fire;
• Encourages vermin;
• Poses health and environmental dangers;
• Causes visual obstruction hazards;
• Costs local ratepayers for disposal;
• Poses lost recycling opportunities;
• Attracts anti-social behaviour.

One of the main problems with illegal dumping is that people feel more confident in placing their unwanted items in a public place if others have already done so, but by doing so we all pay. Councils are forced to use ratepayer funds to dispose of illegally dumped rubbish where an owner cannot be found, and unsightly, smelly and unhealthy rubbish in public spaces has a negative effect on all the community.

Illegal dumpers may be prosecuted

Anyone illegally dumping rubbish remains the owner of the waste and may be subject to prosecution. Every reasonable attempt will be made by the local authority to locate an owner of illegally dumped materials. People dumping rubbish illegally may incur penalties of up to $62,500 for individuals, and $125,000 for corporations.

To report illegal dumping please call the Shire of Mundaring on (08) 9290 6666.