Bulk Verge Collections - Greenwaste and Junk

During August and September the Shire provides each house that currently has a kerbside bin service with a bulk verge collection for both greenwaste and hard waste/ junk.

For the most current dates please refer to the following:

Mundaring Waste & Recycling Guide

Shire of Mundaring Bulk Verge Collection page

You must not place your waste on the verge until a maximum of two weeks prior to the collection date for your suburb. 

For information on what waste types can be placed on the verge for collection, how much waste you can place on the verge, items that cannot be placed on the verge and how to separate your waste for collection, please view the 'Bulk Verge Collections' page of the current Waste and Recycling Guide here.

For more information please contact the Mundaring Shire on 9290 6716 or visit www.mundaring.wa.gov.au.

Do not place material on the verge for collection more than two weeks prior to the commencement date given below.

Notification flyers are no longer sent out to your address two weekends before pick-up. Instead the Shire will be notifying residents using variable message boards in prominent locations, adverts printed in local newspapers, the Waste and Recycling Guide included with your rates notice and the Mundaring Shire's website.


What do you need to do?


  1. Mattresses
  2. Household Junk
  3. Scrap Metal
  4. White Goods
  5. Greenwaste


  • Do Not obstruct the footpath, your normal bin service or the line of sight for motorists.
  • Do Not place any waste near sprinklers, water meters, mail boxes, power poles, trees, etc, as they may be damaged as waste is collected mechanically.
  • Do Not leave items not intended for bulk refuse collection on the verge, eg. Bicycles.


What will be collected?

Up to two cubic metres of waste (equivalent of two 6'x4' trailer loads).  WASTE MUST BE SEPARATED INTO FIVE PILES.

  • Refrigerators & White Goods - Fridges and freezers do NOT need to be degassed (limited to a maximum of 4 items).
  • Scrap Metal - Wire remnants must be safely and securely bundled. Maximum length 1.8 metres.
  • Mattresses (limited to a maximum of 3 mattresses)
  • Household Furniture & General Junk - eg. couches, tables, televisions, vacuum cleaners, carpet, etc.  Maximum length 1.8 metres.

Up to two cubic metres of greenwaste (equivalent of two 6'x4' trailer loads).

  • Greenwaste - branches, cuttings and leaves. Maximum length 1.5 metres (5 feet).  Maximum diameter 150 mm (6 inches). Box or bag leaves and small vegetation. Stack end towards street.


What items will NOT be collected?

  • More than two trailer loads of waste or greenwaste.
  • Waste that is NOT correctly separated.
  • No bricks, rubble, concrete or cement. (Take to Mathieson Road Transfer Station).
  • No sand, soil or lawn sods.
  • No foodstuffs or household waste.  (Use general waste bin).
  • No glass or mirrors.
  • No gas bottles or cylinders.  (Take to Coppin or Mathieson Road Transfer Stations).
  • No car bodies/parts, tyres, batteries.  (Take to transfer stations, fees may apply).
  • No asbestos or other fibrous cement.
  • No hazardous waste or liquids (paint, oil, garden chemicals, pesticides, oil-filled radiators/heaters, etc).  (See Disposal Sites & Hazardous Waste tab in the Waste and Recycling Guide).
  • No small items that need to be boxed or bagged for collection - eg. clothing, books, 'nik-naks'. (Take good quality items to a charity shop. Small items should be taken to the Transfer Station or placed in your general waste bin).


Do you want to dispose of rubbish outside of bulk refuse collection dates or your normal household bin collection times?

For information consult the Transfer Station Passes and Mundaring Disposal Options pages.