Frequently Asked Questions


How often is the bulk rubbish collected from my verge?

The bulk pick up takes place approximately every 17 weeks. There are two types of pick ups, two greenwaste only and one general waste pick up. Items are to be placed on the verge, out of the way of trees, power poles or their support wires. Garden waste is not to be put in plastic bags. Items are not to obstruct the footpath and we ask that you do not put out excessive amounts of garden waste.

What items can be left out for the Bulk Collection?

  • Household junk such as – furniture, bicycles, toys, small electrical goods, carpet & linoleum, fencing materials (not asbestos), wood (not green garden waste), wire, gates, poultry webbing.
  • Televisions face down
  • White goods such as – Refrigerators, stoves, freezers, clothes dryers, air conditioners.
  • Stack your white goods separately from everything else in an upright position, parallel to the verge. Remove doors from refrigerators, freezers and stoves.


  • Organic garden waste, grass clippings – boxed, leaves – boxed, tree branches, twigs, weeds, flowers, timber off cuts(small). 
  • Cut your tree branches and/or prunings so they are not longer than 1.5 metres)
  • Put all your lawn clippings and leaves into boxes not in plastic bags.
  • Stack all garden waste items parallel to the verge.


What happens if I put my bulk rubbish out too early?

If bulk rubbish is placed out on the verge too early a letter will be sent to the owners requesting that the rubbish be moved to within the property boundaries within seven days from the date the letter is received. A follow up letter is sent out when the seven days is up with a second request to remove the rubbish, if it is still on the verge. If the rubbish still has not been removed after receiving the second letter, a litter infringement will be issued.

Why has the bulk collection system changed?

New government regulations have been introduced to encourage separation of waste types. If waste types are separated, it is more environmentally friendly as greenwaste can be mulched and white goods can be recycled, thus saving rubbish going to landfill.

Why wasn’t my bulk rubbish picked up?


  •  Is your greenwaste in plastic bags?
  •  Have you placed your bulk under trees or against power poles?
  •  Have you placed out the correct items for the greenwaste collection?
  •  Has a note been left in your letterbox explaining as to why it wasn’t picked up?


  •  Have you placed your bulk under trees or against power poles?
  •  Have you placed out the correct items for the general white goods collection?
  •  Has a note been left in your letterbox explaining why it wasn’t picked up?


Does the City collect bulk from business verges?

Bulk is not collected from business verges, as it causes a danger to the public who utilise the area.

Does my fridge need to be de-gassed before putting out on the verge?

No. You do not have to de-gas your fridge. The City will do this for you in an environmentally friendly manner. However, door must be removed.

Does the City pick up washing machines?

Yes, as part of the general white goods bulk collection.

Does the City of Swan provide skip bins to residents?

The City provides a bulk refuse service, which collects greenwaste and general waste from the verge every 17 weeks. This replaces the need to supply skip bins. Bulk collections are available to metropolitan residents and trailer passes are provided to rural residents.

For further information please contact Customer Services on (08) 9267 9267.