Frequently Asked Questions


I live in a Department of Housing & Works house and need a new bin, how do I apply for one?

All requests for new or additional household and recycling bins for Department of Housing & Works residences need to be submitted to the City on the official Mobile Garbage Bin Request form.

Tenants need to contact their nearest Department of Housing & Works office and they will make the request on their behalf.

If a resident requires a repair or replacement of a bin, these requests can still be placed directly with the City by calling Customer Services on (08) 9267 9267.

How much will it cost me for an additional green bin? 


  • $310.00 per annum (plus GST of 10%) and $60.00 establishment fee.
  • The establishment fee is a one off cost. The annual fee will appear on your rates notice.


Who can I purchase a bin from for my own personal use?

Bins supplied through the City of Swan with the City of Swan insignia will be collected with the weekly collection service. Bins that are purchased privately will not be collected with the City of Swan's weekly collection service.

Bin manufacturing companies can be found in the yellow pages under "Waste Reduction & Disposal Equipment" or "Garbage Disposal Units".

What can I put in my rubbish bin?

Only normal household waste should be placed into your refuse bin.

  • The bins should not be used for hot or burning ashes, rocks, soil, paint, oil or heavy materials which may overload or damaged the bin.
  • Highly odorous foodstuffs such as seafood should be frozen and wrapped and placed in the bin the evening prior to collection.
  • All garbage and perishable foodstuffs should be wrapped in newspaper or similar .

If you are unsure about a particular item, please contact Customer Services for further information on (08) 9267 9267.

 Where do I place my bins for collection?

  • Your bins must be placed at the kerbside facing squarely to the curb or road.
  • On your collection day, the bins are to placed out on the verge on or before 5.30am.
  • No other containers will be emptied.
  • Following collection, bins are to be returned to within the property boundary for safe keeping.

In the case of elderly or incapacitated persons, written application can be made for bins to be collected from within the residence boundary, to where they will be returned after emptying.

What is the maximum weight of bins with rubbish in them?

70kgs. This is the maximum amount of weight that the refuse and recycling trucks can lift.


What time do I need to put my bins out for collection?

All bins due for collection must be placed out before 6 am as this is when the waste trucks start their rounds and they don't always come at the same time each week.


Why was my bin missed? 

Was your bin placed out for collection before 6am?

All bins due for collection are required to be placed out before 6am as this is when the waste trucks start their rounds and they don't always come at the same time each week.

Is it your collection day/week?
Different areas of the City are done on different days or weeks when referring to recycling collections. Your recycling collection is done on the same day as your refuse collection but every fortnight. Your recycling calendar will show you what week to place your recycling bin out for collection.

Is it a City of Swan bin?
The City does not collect any bins other than City of Swan bins. These are identified by the stamping on the lid. Sometimes if the lid of the bin is missing, it will not be emptied as it cannot be identified.

Is your bin overweight?
Bins over 100kgs cannot be lifted by the waste trucks and are required to be lightened by the resident. Items such as sand, dirt, bricks, concrete etc are not to be placed into your bins.

Is your recycling bin 'contaminated' - i.e. contains items which cannot be recycled?
If so, these items will need to be placed in the general rubbish bin in order for it to be collected. Certain items can be both hazardous and can cause an entire load of recycling to be unusable, so it is important to place the correct items in your recycling bin.

Is your bin too close (1 metre) to obstructions?
If your bin is too close to objects such as power poles, cars, trees, etc, then the truck will be unable to pick it up.

How can I go about getting my bin cleaned?

Bin cleaning is not provided by the City and is the responsibility of the property owner/ tenant.

Bin cleaning companies can be found in the yellow pages under Cleaning Contractors -- Commercial and Industrial.

Can I take my bins with me if I move house?

No. The bins distributed to your premises are not transferable. In the event of an occupier moving, the bins must remain at the original premises. If there are no bins at your new property, you can order them through Customer Services.