Waste and Recycling Guide

The Waste & Recycling Guide provides you with valuable information on reducing, re-using, recycling and recovering your waste, to assist us in achieving a sustainable future for Perth's Eastern Region.

Information included in this year's guide includes:

  • A calendar indicating in which weeks your recycling bins are serviced.
  • A map indicating what day of the week your bins are serviced.
  • Public holiday bin servicing dates.
  • Additional recycling service for Christmas/New Years period.
  • Information on ordering bulk bins (blue general bulk bins and green greenwaste bulk bins).
  • Mattress and Whitegoods collection service details.
  • Household Hazardous Waste disposal – where you can take items which should not go to landfill such as paints, motor oil, fluorescent lights, garden chemicals for recycling and safe disposal.
  • Information on using your bins correctly.
  • The Recycling Guide A-Z: An alphabetized list of what waste goes in each bin, what can be recovered and what should be taken to the Red Hill Waste Management Facility.
  • Information on using your bins correctly.
  • Disposal and recovery sites.

Please be aware a mistake was made on the printed 2018-2019 calendar that was distributed.  The Area colours for each week were around the wrong way.   

In addition the recycling rules have changed  since the guides were distributed.  The guide below has been updated to reflect these changes and the images below sumarrise the new recycling changes.

Please click on the link below to download the current Waste and Recycling Guide.

Corrected Waste and Recycle Guide 2018-2019 Kalamunda - Web Version