Bulk Bins - City of Kalamunda

To order a bulk Bin please call Cleanaway on: (08) 9449 3332.

The City of Kalamunda provides both general waste (blue) and greenwaste (green) bulk bins.  Households are entitled to any combination of three bulk bins per financial year (excludes commercial and industrial premises). All bulk bins are 3m3 in size.

Residents that meet the criteria are entitled to additional green waste bins to assist with bushfire management:

  • One additional green waste bulk bin is available for properties 2000m2 -- 5000m2.
  • Two additional green waste bulk bins are available for properties over 5000m2.

The green waste from the green bulk bins is mulched and reused, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. Please keep green waste free of contamination.

Weekday bins are delivered Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday and will remain on your property for two nights and one day. Weekend bins will be delivered Thursday or Friday and will remain on your property over the weekend and will be collected either Monday or Tuesday the following week.

Using bulk bins correctly

  • Don't fill the bulk bin over the top of the bin edge.
  • Don't have contents sticking out at angles above the top of the bin, as this can interfere with the truck's lifting gear.
  • If you have a greenwaste bin, only dispose of grass clippings, leaves, branches (1.5 m length, 15 cm width), plants, prunings and weeds.
  • No lawn sods are to be put in any bulk bin.

Please remember

  • Leave the bin where it has been placed by the Cleanaway driver.
  • Keep the area clear so the Cleanaway driver can easily remove the bin.
  • Bins may be delivered full but will be emptied by 6pm at the latest the same day.
  • If a bin needs to be emptied by the City due to misuse, the resident will be responsible for costs incurred.

For detailed information please consult your Waste and Recycling Guide and the City of Kalamunda Bulk Bin page.