Bulk Bins - City of Belmont

Tel: (08) 9350 7182

The City provides both blue and green bulk bins for general household and green waste respectively. The green waste from the green bulk bins is mulched and reused, reducing the amount of green waste sent to landfill.

Most residents can order a total of four free bulk bins in any combination of general waste or green waste bins over the financial year (not cumulative) e.g. two green waste and two general blue waste, or three green waste and one general blue waste.

Residents can also swap one only of their bulk bin entitlements for a tip pass to Red Hill Waste Management Facility if required [(6 x 4) trailer].

To order a bulk bin, please call (08) 9350 7182 between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

The City of Belmont’s waste contractor, will take your bin order over the phone and give you an approximate waiting time. Waiting times can vary according to demand.

Using bulk bins correctly

  •  Don’t fill the bulk bin over the top of the bin edge.
  •  Don’t have contents sticking out at angles above the top of the bin, as this can interfere with the truck’s lifting gear.
  •  If you have a green waste bin, only dispose of grass clippings, leaves, branches (1.5m length, 15cm width), plants, prunings and weeds.
  •  No lawn sods are to be put in any bulk bin.