Bulk Bins - City of Bayswater

Each household in the City of Bayswater (excluding commercial or industrial premises) can order up to three bulk bins between 1 April and 31 March (the following year), for general waste only, or three Baywaste Transfer Station passes (allows up to 300kg), or a combination of both (up to a maximum of three).

Ordering bulk bins

  • Waiting times may vary depending on demand.
  • Weekday bulk bins will be delivered on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, and left on-site for approximately 40 hours.
  • Weekend bulk bin deliveries will be delivered on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, and left on-site over the weekend.
  • You will be given an order number for future reference when ordering a bulk bin.
  • For logistical reasons some bulk bins may contain rubbish when delivered to your property. The rubbish will be emptied the same day.
  • Bulk bin dimensions are 1.8 metres in length by 1.2 metres in depth by 1.5 metres in width.
  • Approximate delivery time for a weekday bin is up to two weeks from the date it was ordered.
  • Approximate delivery time for a weekend bin is up to four weeks from the date it was ordered.

Ways to Order

  • You may order online HERE.
  • Phone: (08) 9272 0605

Using bulk bins correctly

  • Don't fill the bulk bin over the top of the bin edge, as they will not be serviced.
  • Don't have contents sticking out at angles above the top of the bin, as this can interfere with the truck's lifting gear.

Please remember

  • Leave the bin where it has been placed by the Cleanaway driver.
  • Keep the area clear so the Cleanaway driver can easily remove the bin.
  • Bins may be delivered full but will be emptied by 6pm at the latest the same day.
  • If a bin needs to be emptied by the City due to misuse, the resident will be responsible for costs incurred.

For detailed information please consult the Waste and Recycling Guide.