Greenwaste service

The City of Bayswater has a kerbside greenwaste service to benefit residents and the environment. This service consists of a lime green-top greenwaste bin which is collected each fortnight (on the opposite week to the collection of the yellow-top recycling bin).

Residents can place their garden waste (grass, leaves, weeds, small branches, prunings and plants) into this bin. The contents are then processed into mulch and soil conditioner for use in areas such as parks.

For further information about the lime green-top greenwaste bin click on the questions below:

What is a Bio-Insert?

The Bio-Insert is a special frame which is fitted inside your existing greenwaste bin.

The design of the Bio-Insert enables air to circulate more freely around the inside of your bin, helping to speed up the natural composting process, so that you can fit more greenwaste in your bin.

What are the benefits of the Bio-Insert?

  • Increased amounts of greenwaste can be placed into the greenwaste bin.
  • Improved air circulation in the greenwaste bin will reduce odour due to a more efficient composting process.
  • Improved quality of greenwaste, which will allow more of the waste to be recovered and used for mulch (providing that the right types of waste are placed into the greenwaste bin).

What can I put in the greenwaste bin?

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves and small prunings
  • Flowers
  • Bedding plants (but not soil)
  • Weeds
  • Branches (less than 30mm diameter) and no longer than 30cm (or 12 inches).

Remember: It is important that you place the right type of greenwaste into your bin to enable the efficient breaking down of your greenwaste, and to allow your greenwaste to be re-used in the future.

Handy tip: You will achieve a more efficient composting process by cutting branches and prunings as small as possible, and mixing them with your softer vegetation, such as leaves, weeds and grass clippings.

What can’t I put in the greenwaste bin?

  • Anything that goes into your recycling or general waste bin. You should continue to place these in your yellow top recycling bin.
  • No Glass.  This is really important. Please put in your yellow top recycling bin.
  • No food waste.
  • No building waste or bricks.
  • No metal.
  • No branches with diameters greater than your thumb (30mm) and no longer than 30cm (or 12 inches).
  • No garden pots.
  • No animal faeces. This should be placed in your normal green top rubbish bin.

Remember: Placing the wrong type of waste in your greenwaste bin will prevent greenwaste from breaking down. It may also prevent the greenwaste from being re-used.

If you are unsure about what can be put into any of your bins, please contact the Waste Management Officer on (08) 9272 0605.

What happens to our greenwaste?

The greenwaste collected from your lime green-top bin is taken to the Red Hill Waste Management Facility where it is processed and composted into a soil conditioner that is used on:

  • Council sporting ovals (such as the Noranda Sporting Complex)
  • Landfill rehabilitation.

It is important that you only place "acceptable materials" (i.e. grass, leaves, weeds, branches, small logs, prunings, etc.) in your lime green-top green waste bin to ensure a quality soil conditioner can be produced.

How can I find out further information and who can I contact?

The Waste Management Officer
City of Bayswater
Tel: (08) 9272 0605