Bin service day map

The map below indicates the weekday your bins are serviced.

Colours on this map indicate which area you are in. Your area determines which week your recycling bin is collected. If you are unsure when your recycling bin is collected, see the Waste and Recycling Guide.

Weekday your  yellow-top bins are serviced
ColorAreaBin Recycling day
Orange Area 1 yellow-top bin recycling day
Blue Area 2 yellow-top bin recycling day

Your Lime green-top greenwaste bin will be collected on the opposite week to your yellow-top recycling bin.

For more information and to download a copy of the calendar, please consult the current Waste and Recycling Guide information page.

For information specific to your address, you can utilise the Interactive map to find your domestic waste collection day, your next green waste and recycling collection days. 

Bayswater Collection Map