Changes to bin lids

The City of Bayswater is changing the colour of the bin lids as part of a WA Waste Authority funded initiative that will bring us into line with the Australian standard for bin lid colours.

Case studies have shown that these new colours help to increase recycling rates and reduce contamination caused from placing waste into the wrong bins.

This is good news for the environment and together we are working towards a sustainable future!

City of Bayswater bin services

The City of Bayswater's rubbish and recycling service system consists of:

  • Weekly rubbish service - red-top mobile garbage bin (MGB).
  • Fortnightly recyclables service - yellow-top MGB.
  • Fortnightly greenwaste service - lime-green-top MGB.

Bins are to be placed as close as possible to half a metre from the road each week before 6am and returned to a secure place within the property as soon as possible after emptying.

The general rubbish bin is placed out each week and the recycling bin and the greenwaste bin are placed out on alternative weeks. The bins are emptied by the Council's contractor Transpacific Cleanaway.

Each household is issued with a refrigerator calendar, each financial year, called the Waste & Recycling Guide to indicate which days to put out general rubbish, recycling and greenwaste bins. The areas designate which week households place their recycling and greenwaste rubbish bins on the verge. For more information and to download a copy, please consult the current Waste & Recycle Guide information page.

Remember: place household rubbish in bags. Do not put hazardous materials (such as flammable materials, chemicals, batteries, paints or oils) into any bin.

Recyclables include plastic and glass bottles and jars, paper and cardboard, steel and aluminium cans, phone books, milk and juice cartons, newspapers and magazines. See the A-Z of waste if you are unsure where to place an item.

What should not be placed in the yellow-top recycling bin:

  • No plastic bags
  • No household food scraps and wrappings
  • No appliances
  • No batteries or other metal objects
  • No rubber or leather items of any kind
  • No garden waste, timber or building material including asbestos
  • No clothing
  • No oil, acid, chemicals or paint
  • No crockery, pottery, porcelain, or plate glass.

Green waste includes grass, leaves, weeds, branches, small logs and prunings. Do not put these items into bags, leave them separate. Plastic bags will contaminate the mulching and composting process. Also, do not put sand or soil in your greenwaste bin.

It is very important that you place the correct items in the designated bins, otherwise it could contaminate the whole truckload. By placing the right items in your different bins you will assist us in recycling and recovering more of your household rubbish. For further information visit how to use your bins correctly

If you have any questions about how to dispose of an item, please phone the City of Bayswater with your enquiry on (08) 9272 0605.

For more information consult the current Waste and Recycle Guide, or see the links below.

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