School Excursions

An excursion to the Red Hill Waste Management Facility is a great way to explore the importance of correct waste disposal, waste reduction, recycling, sustainability and recovering resources while seeing an active landfill facility.

Red Hill Waste Management Facility offers half day excursions free of charge to schools located in the Council areas of Bassendean, Bayswater, Belmont, Kalamunda, Mundaring and Swan.

Excursions can cater for all year levels and booking is essential.

By the end of the excursion, students will understand why correctly disposing of our waste is vital for sustainability and that everyone can do something to make a difference.  

More information regarding the Primary School and High School excursions can be found below.

To book and for more information, please contact the EMRC Waste Education Officer on (08) 9424 2271 or


2017 Bus Subsidies

The EMRC is pleased to announce that in addition to providing the onsite activities free of charge, the EMRC is also making funding available to assist with covering the cost of a bus for the school groups to reach the site for Term 1 and Term 2 in 2017.

Funding is available to schools requesting it on a first-come-first-serve basis. Two schools from each of the EMRC member Council areas can receive $250 towards the cost of a bus to visit the site.

If you are interested in receiving the funding to assist in visiting Red Hill Waste Management Facility, please get in touch.

Primary Schools

Primary school excursions include a tour of the landfill facility followed by activities in the Education Centre. Both can be adapted to cater for all primary year groups.

Tours cover the full workings of the landfill including the importance of the transfer station, how landfill cells are built, filled and capped, how methane is extracted and used in the Landfill Power and Gas plant and how landfill cells are revegetated.

Activities in the education centre are hands on and include:

  • correct waste sorting
  • landfill management and turning landfill gas into electricity
  • being a smart shopper
  • the impact of litter
  • household hazardous waste

Excursions that take place on a Monday to Wednesday can also include a Bush Skills for Youth Session which explores the hidden creatures within the worm farm and compost bin and the role they play as decomposers.

Excursions that take place on a Thursday or Friday include a create with waste session.

Please note that a maximum of two classes can visit at a time.

Primary School Excursion Information 2017

Classroom activity ideas

Teachers are welcome to download and use the ideas listed in the pre and post excursion activity list below to help students gain the most from a visit to the Red Hill Waste Management Facility.

The EMRC Waste Education team is available to provide advice and assistance with any waste related projects your school may undertake.

Pre and Post Excursion Activity Ideas

High Schools

Excursions to the Red Hill Waste Management Facility can be tailored to suit your topic.

All excursions include a tour of the site taking approximately an hour.

Presentations after the tour are optional and can be developed to cover your needs. Previously presentations have been given on the geology of the site, the globalisation of waste and the general waste practices of WA.

EMRC can also work with local high schools to complete a number of projects based around waste and environmental management.

If you would like a Waste Education Officer to visit your high school, presentations regarding waste and recycling can be delivered.

If you are interested or would like more information, contact Waste Education. 

For more information and to book, contact staff in Waste Education:

Tel: 9424 2271

E-mail: Waste Education

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