R2 - Reuse

By re-using items before throwing them out, you can save money and help the environment. Essentially, less waste will go to landfill and more money will go into our pockets. Re-use can include using certain items around your home, such as newspapers for gift wrapping, glass jars for storing pens/pencils, household hardware such as nuts and bolts or food.

Re-use also includes giving away unwanted items to someone else who can use them, or donating items to organisations such as the Salvation Army, Good Samaritans or St Vincent de Paul. Holding a garage sale is an excellent way to sell or give away items for re-use.

Other ways to re-use include:

  • re-using shopping bags for storage or rubbish;
  • hiring, sharing or borrowing items that you don’t use very often; and
  • buying re-useable items instead of disposable ones e.g rechargeable batteries, cloth napkins, cloth hankies.