Waste Education Loan Boxes

The EMRC has a selection of equipment packaged up in loan boxes ready for use. Schools and community groups can hire the activity loan boxes for up to three weeks. Hire is free of charge for schools and community groups in the Town of Bassendean, Cities of Bayswater, Belmont, Kalamunda and Swan and the Shire of Mundaring.

To hire, contact EMRC Waste Education on (08) 9424 2222 or Waste Education

Available Loan Boxes
Paper Making

Suitable for all ages, paper making highlights the process of recycling where something old is turned into something new.

The paper making kit includes instructions, three paper making screens and a hand blender. You will need access to warm water, used paper (newspaper, egg cartons or shredded paper) and a place for the paper to dry.

There are two kits available for loan.

Mini Bin Waste Sort

The mini bin waste sort kit is suitable for year 2 to 5 and includes miniature bins of your councils bin system and sorting cards. The activity can be extended by the use of the waste hierarchy. The activity can be used to assess students knowledge before or after a waste related unit.

This kit comes with two sets of bins and eight sets of sorting cards.

Nature's recyclers

Nature is full of amazing decomposers. This kit is suitable for all ages and will enable your class to examine the ‘bugs’ found in compost bins and worm farms which play a vital role in recycling our organics. The kit contains magnifying glasses, some gloves, compost and worm farming activity ideas, posters and story books.

An iScopeStand which turns a tablet into a microscope is also available to loan with the kit upon request.

Book Box This box contains story books relating to waste and recycling. Books are suitable for primary school aged children. Titles include Michael Recycle, The Adventures of a Plastic Bottle, The Adventures of a Steel Can and The Wartville Wizard to name a few. The box also contains recycling bingo and waste and ladders games.
Early Years Resource Box

This kit is suitable for early years learning centres and kindy classes. The kit contains story books, rhymes about recycling and worm farming, teacher resources and fact sheets on becoming a more waste friendly service.

Early Learning Centres are also welcome to hire other loan boxes as well.

EMRC Loan Boxes