Problematic and Household Hazardous Waste

A number of items cannot be placed in any of your kerbside bins due to their hazardous nature and OHS for workers and impact on the environment, ability to affect the operation of the facility or quality of the product.

The most common problematic waste types are listed below alongside their correct disposal option.


Disposal options


Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility


Red Hill Waste Management Facility

Batteries (household)

EMRC Battery Collection Program

Batteries (vehicle)

Century Yuasa



Fire extinguisher

Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility


Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility

Gas cylinders

Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility

Ink cartridges


Light globes (CFL lights and tubes)

EMRC CFL Collection Program


Mattresses that are in good condition with no stains should be taken to Vinnies, Salvos or Good Sammys. Please contact your local branch first.

The following locations accept mattresses:

  • Baywaste Transfer Station - free for City of Bayswater residents
  • Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park - fees apply 
  • Red Hill Waste Management Facility - fees apply
  • Walliston Transfer Station - free for City of Kalamunda residents

Soft Landing Mattress Recycling will come and collect your old mattress and take it away to be recycled, for a small fee.

Mattresses may be collected through your local council's bulk waste service.

Mobile phones and batteries

Mobile Muster


Red Hill Waste Management Facility or Transfer Stations / Community Recycling Centres


Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility


CLAW Environmental

Soft ‘scrunchable’ plastics


Tyres (vehicle)




X-rays can be dropped off free of charge or sent via mail to

CMA Ecocycle: 89 Christable Way, Landsdale 6055;

Siltech: 4/34 Fallon Rd, Lansdale, 6065; or

Shred-X: 33 Briggs Street, Welshpool, 6106 (fees apply).


Alternatively, ask local primary schools if they want it to incorporate into their lesson plan


Manage Waste Wisely

The Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council (EMRC) is a regional local government working on behalf of five member Councils located in Perth's Eastern Region: Town of Bassendean, City of Bayswater, City of Kalamunda, Shire of Mundaring and City of Swan.

The EMRC provides services in waste management, resource recovery, environmental management and regional development. 

The EMRC operates the Red Hill Waste Management Facility and Hazelmere Resource Recovery Park, as well as the Baywaste Transfer Station in the City of Bayswater and the Coppin Road and Mathieson Road Community Recycling Centres on behalf of the Shire of Mundaring. The organisation undertakes initiatives and activities to aid diversion of waste from landfill to more environmentally sustainable solutions, including composting and mulch processing of greenwaste, timber and mattress recycling and providing advice on contaminated sites.

The Resource Recovery Project aims to develop and implement resource recovery solutions to maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits to Perth's Eastern Region and minimise the amount of waste being directed to landfill. This is complemented by the development and implementation of waste education schemes and initiatives.

For more information, contact EMRC's Waste Education Team
Phone: (08) 9424 2222
Email: Waste Education