EMRC Fluorescent Light Recycling Study

In July 2009, the EMRC received grant funding from the Waste Authority of Western Australia under its Strategic Waste Initiatives Scheme to conduct a desktop study and trial of various compact fluorescent light (CFL) recycling collection methods, public locations and communication techniques.

Encycle Consulting and Eco Change Consulting were contracted to undertake the project in partnership with the EMRC. Encycle was responsible for completing the desktop study which provided guidance for multiple factors for consideration including bin design, location, and collection methods. A prototype was designed based on the considerations of the desktop study.

Various shopping centres across the region were invited to take part in the trial. The centre sizes and the positions of recycling stations differed across the region. Globes were collected monthly and volumes collected were recorded.

Surveys were conducted to determine levels of public awareness regarding CFL recycling, willingness to bring globes to the shopping centre for recycling and current practices for disposing of CFL globes. Surveys were conducted:

  • 8 weeks into the trial - staff at locations and public were surveyed (February 2010)
  • 6 months interval - public survey (June 2010)
  • 6 months interval - public survey (December 2010)
  • January 2011 - staff at locations surveyed

To mid 2014, the EMRC has collected and diverted 3100 kilograms of fluorescent lights from landfill in Perth's Eastern Region.

The reports below were produced throughout the duration of the trial.

EMRC 107237 - Desktop Study Fluorescent Lights Collection and Recycling - November 2009

EMRC 117783 - Report - Compact Fluorescent Lamp CFL Mid Trial Report - July 2010

EMRC 128831 - Final Report on Fluorescent Light Recycling Trial for EMRC - May 2011