EMRC's Battery Collection Program (for public places)

There are over 40 public locations in Perth's Eastern Region registered as collection points for household (dry cell) batteries as part of EMRC's Battery Collection Program. EMRC coordinates the collection of the batteries so that they can be sent interstate and recycled, ensuring disposal does not damage our sensitive environment.

How do I safely dispose of dry cell batteries?

Batteries that are leaking, rusty or broken should be put in a plastic bag before being placed in the bin. Batteries that may have the potential to spark, including 9V batteries, should have their ends taped.

What batteries can be recycled in the battery recycling bins?

The types of batteries accepted include:

  • AA and AAA cells (single use & rechargeable batteries)
  • C and D sized batteries
  • Button batteries (e.g. from watches)
  • 9V batteries
  • 6V batteries (e.g. lantern/torch batteries)

Where can I drop off my household batteries?

The Town of Bassendean, Cities of Bayswater, Kalamunda and Swan, and the Shires of Mundaring along with EMRC offer residents the chance to drop off their used household (dry cell) batteries. 

A full list of public collection points within the region can be seen on the Recycling Locations page, with what they will accept.

To find your nearest public drop-off location visit the Recycle Right website.


  • Store batteries in a cool, dry, shaded, well-ventilated area;
  • Commercial quantities will not be accepted (businesses visit https://businessrecycling.com.au/); and
  • Car batteries will not be accepted.

For more information call EMRC's Waste Education Officer on (08) 9424 2222.

The initiative is being administered by Dry Cell Battery Working Group and is supported by the Western Australian Landfill Levy Fund and Household Hazardous Waste Program.