Event recycling

Events and celebrations bring communities together. However, events can also generate large amounts of wastes which often end up in landfill. With planning, you can:

  • reduce the amount of waste produced
  • recycle many of the wastes generated
  • and divert wastes from landfill

How can recycling at events be organised?

You will need to organise recycling well in advance with your waste contractor. The waste contractor will need to be informed about the number of waste and recycling bins required for the event. They will also need to know the bin locations so that they can coordinate logistical requirements in emptying them.

Bin placement, clear bin signage, regular reminders to patrons and vendors about recycling, and organised emptying of the bins during and after the event are crucial elements to ensure that recycling is maximised.

For further information on how to implement effective recycling and waste minimisation strategies at events, please visit these web links:

Zero Waste South Australia: Event Recycling
Sustainability Victoria: Public Place Recycling

What is the events recycling trailer?

A 'Do the Right Thing' events recycling trailer is available for use by Councils and event organisers throughout Perth's Eastern Region. The Packaging Stewardship Forum provided EMRC with a recycling trailer to help reduce litter and increase recycling of bottles and cans at regional and local events.

The trailer contains bin caps that fit over normal 240L wheelie bins. There are 20 bin caps for general rubbish bins and 20 for recycling bins.

Banners highlighting event recycling are included in the trailer and these can be easily erected and dismantled.

What are bin caps?

Bin caps provide a visual, easy to understand indication of what to put in general rubbish and recycling bins.

The high-top bin caps in the events recycling trailer are brightly coloured and have clear graphics of what can go into the bins.

Bin caps encourage patrons to 'do the right thing' and dispose of rubbish responsibly. They also help to reduce the potential for bin contamination or minimal use of recycling opportunities.

For bookings and further information, contact staff in Waste Education:

Tel: (08) 9424 2222

E-mail: Waste Education