Earth Carers Program

The free training program consists of five sessions over three weeks with a range of guest speakers and covers topics such as:

  • Composting and worm farming;
  • 'Green cleaning' and safe disposal of Household Hazardous Waste;
  • Recycling in the community;
  • Tours of waste management and recycling facilities;
  • The 'big picture' of waste management;
  • Tips and hints for waste reduction; and
  • Ways to encourage others to reduce waste.

On completion of the program, participants are able to work together to educate others in the community in regard to waste and recycling. Earth Carer's also have the opportunities to help out at community events and are invited to social events with other like minded people.


Below is the draft Earth Carer course program for our November 2017 course.

Earth Carers Program November 2018

Register for the course

The Earth Carers course is held twice a year. Five sessions are held over a period of time and participants who wish to be recognised as an Earth Carer must be able to attend all five sessions. Sessions are held in different locations to help get a better picture of how waste is being managed and to maximise your training experience.

To register for the next Earth Carers Course, please go to the Earth Carers Registration page.

How can I register my interest for future courses?

Information about future courses will be available on this website.

If you would like to receive information about our next course please contact:
Waste Education on (08) 9424 2271 or email Waste Education.

Who else runs the Earth Carer course?

If you live in Perth's northern or western suburbs you may wish to participate in the the Northern Earth Carers (run by MRC) or Western Earth Carers (run by WMRC).

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