Earth Carers in Action

Volunteering for community events

EMRC Earth Carer graduates are encouraged to share with their communities what they have learned during the Earth Carers course. Many have volunteered their time to help the EMRC at events such as:

  • Garden Week WA; and
  • Perth Royal Show.

Earth Carers are giving the opportunity to volunteer at stalls such as KABC, Living Smart, Waste Wise Schools and the Waste Authority, where they can demonstrate their knowledge on practical ways to reduce waste (composting, worm farming etc) and share their passion and experiences on living sustainably with the community.

Exclusive workshop opportunities

Special Earth Carer only social events and training courses are held throughout the year to keep graduates up-to-date with current waste and recycling information.

Working wood waste into wonders

The amazing Greg Miller conducted a number of exclusive woodworking workshops for EMRC Earth Carers. He provided an array of recycled/re-used timber (or participants could bring their own), to create something beautiful, lasting, decorative and/or functional. Everyone learnt about a wide range of traditional woodworking tools which were provided, and everyone got to take home a wonderful handmade creation. Greg will have plenty of suggestions, tips and techniques.

Earth Carers are encouraged to start their own projects, both big and small, with the help and assistance from their local Councils and the EMRC waste education team.

If you would like to register your interest in a attending a future Earth Carers course please call the Waste Education Coordinator on (08) 9424 2222 or email

Earth Carer Superstar - Noala Degasperis

Noala considers herself a moderate. "Work colleagues call me a greenie, but it's not a term I relate to; I'm not a tree hugger who goes to protests and rallies. I just like to tread a bit lighter on the planet and live a bit more sustainably."

Noala signed up for the EMRC's inaugural Earth Carers (EC) course in 2009. "I already considered myself fairly environmentally aware", she says. "I'd been making (hot) compost for about 20 years, had a worm farm, a couple of fruit trees and always liked to have something growing in the garden I could just walk by, pick and eat.  I used my yellow-topped recycling bin all the time, but I think there's always more you can learn so I signed up for the Earth Carers course."

There was indeed more to be learnt. Some of the changes Noala made as a result of attending the course were:

  • Introduced battery recycling into her workplace,
  • Uses a bokashi bucket in the kitchen in winter when it's too cold to venture out to the worm farm with the kitchen scraps,
  • Carries the Ethical Supermarket Shopping Guide in her handbag all the time ,
  • Changed milk brand as the one she'd been buying wasn't available in cartons (and the plastic bottle lids aren't recyclable in her area),
  • Buys some items in bulk,
  • Makes her own yoghurt (after counting the number of plastic yoghurt containers as part of a rubbish audit during the course)
  • Undertook a soap making course and makes her own body soap for personal use and gifts
  • Rides her push bike to work several times a week when the weather is fine (she says it's too dangerous in wet weather and she is only a moderate after all!)
  • Buys environmentally friendly cleaning products and makes some of her own,
  • Sets environmental goals each year such as setting a target waste amount (e.g. one kitchen tidy bag per week into the green-top bin)

The EC course fired up Noala's enthusiasm for ad-hoc volunteering, she has assisted the EMRC with information stalls at a variety of events such as Garden Week and the Royal Show. She also created a Facebook page for all the EMRC Earth Carer graduates so they can keep in touch and find out about related workshops, articles and events as well as opportunities to assist EMRC. 

Since completing the EC course Noala has gone on to undertake the Living Smart course and has trained to become a course facilitator. She has just finished a course in Permiculture Design and has conducted composting and worm farming sessions for Environment House.

"Earth Carers and Permaculture go very well together," Noala told me, "For one thing, one of the main Permaculture ethics is Care for the Earth! and one of the Permaculture principles is zero waste. So kitchen scraps are fed to worms, which create worm wee and castings that are used to enrich the soil, which grows yummy vegetables which go into the house and are prepared for eating, creating more kitchen scraps and so the cycle continues...".

Noala still doesn't consider herself a greenie, but maybe she should re-consider!


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